our vision is

To empower the people of our bioregion to develop sustainable, collaborative, and socially just communities leading to a self-sufficient post petroleum society.


Who We Are

POST OIL SOLUTIONS is a group of citizens from the Southeast Vermont bio-region who began meeting in June 2005. We joined together to take our first, modest steps toward creating more cooperative, self-sufficient communities. Our goal is to learn about and develop sustainable practices in our homes, neighborhoods, and larger communities, so as to begin creating the infrastructure in our region necessary for a post oil society.

We believe in Sustainability and Community Building!

Current Projects

Brattleboro winter farmers market

Entering its 14th season in 2019, this November-March market was the first winter market in Vermont. Now located on Flat Street in downtown Brattleboro, further information can be found at the market website.


99th Monkee Affinity Group

Dedicated to direct action and civil disobedience around the climate crisis, we have performed such actions in Brattleboro and northern Vermont in opposition to the funding and support of fossil fuel infrastructure in Vermont and northern Massachusetts. We have hosted 3 non-violent training workshops.


A Vigil of Lovingkindness

Though silent, this periodic Vigil of Lovingkindness is intended to give voice to these values that are the foundation of a wholesome society.

Climate Café

4th Tuesday forum at Brooks Library with guest speakers, films & presentations and discussions to help advance our awareness of the growing climate catastrophe, and related social justice issues. Click here for current info on the café.


TD Bank Weekly Vigil

Weekly Friday vigil at Brattleboro TD Bank since 2014, protesting bank’s investments in fossil fuels, successfully encouraging a number of customers to switch banks; occasional direct action, civil disobedience.


The Naomi Group

A bi-weekly gathering around readings and discussion on how we, as individuals and communities, can deal with the climate crisis and the growing societal collapse, in new & imaginative ways, beyond traditional activism. This is a close group, if you are interested contact us for more details.



We believe in Sustainability and Community Building!



Let's Chat

Taking action is never about the big picture. The more we focus on the local picture—the situation in our immediate world, our families and friends, our neighborhoods and communities, the strangers we encounter on the sidewalk—the more opportunities we will find to act in ways that matter. Contact us to learn more.

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